African American & Biracial Adoptions

African American & Biracial
(African American/Caucasian) Adoptions

Please help us find homes for North Carolina’s African American babies. The infants on this page have been placed in loving homes with North Carolina African American adoptive parents. Adoption is a wonderful way to help women with unplanned pregnancies find loving permanent homes for their children. Yet North Carolina adoption agencies struggle daily to find enough qualified adoptive parents for children of African American heritage.

A Child’s Hope is a licensed North Carolina adoption agency committed to helping North Carolina birthmothers find loving homes for their children – regardless of the child’s race. Adoption is a loving way to offer these children a permanent home and to help infertile couples become parents. Adoption is more affordable than you may think. Many North Carolina employers offer financial assistance for adoption. For more info, call us at 919-839-8800 and let us know you are interested in adopting an African American child or bi-racial child.

All children deserve a loving permanent home. Please open your hearts and your homes to North Carolina’s African American children.