Want to Adopt?

Helping Create Families Through Adoption

Domestic Adoptions

A Child’s Hope offers adoption services for couples and singles who wish to create or expand their families through adoption.

A Child’s Hope offers domestic adoption services for prospective adoptive parents who desire help in locating infants available for adoption. Through comprehensive internet and social media advertising throughout the United States and extensive contacts in the medical, legal and counseling community, we locate birthmothers who wish to entrust their children in our care for adoptive placement. To keep total adoption costs lower than the average, we focus on placements between North Carolina prospective adoptive parents and North Carolina birthmothers. We also assist prospective adoptive parents who wish to locate a child outside the state with advertising in other states. We also work with out of state birthmothers who wish to place with one of our waiting families, click here.

Independent Adoptions and Quality Adoption Legal Advice

For those prospective adoptive parents who have located a child that is available for adoption and who need legal services, our North Carolina adoption family law attorney offers assistance with independent adoptions. We also assist out-of-state attorneys and those who have adoption needs in North Carolina – obtaining consents for out-of-state placements and interstate compliance, as well as litigating and negotiating adoption issues. For biographical information on our North Carolina attorney see our Attorney and Staff.

Home Studies and Preplacement Assessments

Before an agency may place a child for adoption, the prospective adoptive parents must have a completed preplacement assessment, commonly known as a home study. We offer preplacement assessments services. Preplacement assessments generally require four to six weeks to complete. Preplacement assessments are valid for eighteen months. After eighteen months, they must be updated. Postplacement visits and a report to the court are required once a child is placed in a home. We have qualified and experienced social workers available throughout the state to do the pre- and postplacement assessments.

A homestudy can usually be completed in six to eight weeks, but we also offer an expedited service to complete a homestudy within two weeks if you have a pressing need due to a match with a birthmother that is expecting within two weeks.


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