Adoption in Winston-Salem

How to Place a Baby for Adoption or Adopt a Baby in Winston-Salem, NC

Many Winston-Salem adoption agencies don’t always have the resources to spend one-on-one time with pregnant women considering adoption or potential adoptive parents. A Child’s Hope prioritizes the in-person education, counseling and support that our adoption counselors offer.

We have seven highly-trained adoption counselors located throughout North Carolina. If you live in the Winston-Salem or the Piedmont Triad area, you’ll have your own local adoption counselor to work with you at every stage of the adoption process in Winston-Salem, NC.

All of our adoption counselors are not only experienced social workers; they’re also licensed home study providers and notaries. This makes it easier and more convenient for both birth and adoptive families; you only need one adoption professional to work with!

Meet Your Winston-Salem Adoption Counselor: Lakisha Brown

Lakisha completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology with a concentration in Social Welfare at Winston-Salem State University. She received her Master’s in Social Work from Syracuse University. Lakisha has worked with children, individuals and families for 11 years. Her experience includes working with at-risk youth, children and homeless families, case management, child mental health, as well as school social work. She is also a long-time basketball fan and is a former player and coach. She played at Winston-Salem State University and coached women’s basketball at Elon University and Syracuse University. Lakisha and her husband reside in Alamance County, with their young son.

Whether you’re wondering how to give baby up for adoption in Winston-Salem or how to adopt a child in Winston-Salem, NC, Lakisha will be the one who’s with you at every step of the way!

Place a Baby for Adoption in Winston-Salem, NC

Being an adoption counselor with A Child’s Hope doesn’t mean that she just counsels potential adoptive parents and birth mothers; Lakisha also offers emotional support, professional and unbiased advice, guidance and knowledge about the North Carolina adoption process and more.

For women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and unable to parent their baby, Lakisha is a source of information and comfort. She can educate you about your Winston-Salem adoption choices, help you to create a birth and adoption plan that you feel is best for you and your baby and present profiles of adoptive families for you to choose from.

Not sure where to start? That’s alright — Lakisha has the experience and knowledge to help you sort through the many feelings and decisions that come with the adoption process in Winston-Salem, NC.

Your adoption counselor can attend prenatal doctor’s appointments with you, help you talk to the birth father and the adoptive parents that you choose to be your baby’s family and provide you with emotional support with a phone call, day or night. She’ll also help you find which pregnancy-related expenses you may qualify for financial assistance with throughout the adoption process.

Adopt a Baby in Winston-Salem, NC

Becoming a parent can be a nerve-wracking event. Becoming a parent through adoption in North Carolina can be even more overwhelming without the right person to guide you through the adoption process in Winston-Salem.

Lakisha helps prospective adoptive parents learn more about how to adopt a baby in Winston-Salem and how to create a meaningful bond with the woman who chooses them to become her baby’s parents. Your North Carolina adoption counselor is there to answer your questions, conduct your pre- and post-placement home study visits and offer you supportive expertise and guidance throughout your journey to become a family through adoption in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Other Adoption Resources in Winston-Salem

A Child’s Hope specializes in domestic infant adoptions. But for those who are interested in Piedmont Triad-area foster care adoptions or adopting independently, we’re also able to help facilitate aspects of your adoption, such as your home study and counseling.

Here are some additional resources to help get you started on your Winston-Salem adoption:

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To learn about how to adopt a child in Winston-Salem, NC or how to give baby up for adoption in Winston-Salem, contact us now at (919) 839-8800 to talk to Lakisha about starting your adoption journey today.

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