What are the Alternatives to Abortion in North Carolina?

You know you have three basic choices if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy: parenting, adoption or abortion. But, if you know you’re only interested in alternatives to abortion in North Carolina, it may make your decision process a little easier.

While your two alternatives to abortion are parenting and adoption, there are several options within each of those choices that you can also consider. Remember, you are the only one who can decide what is best for you and your unborn child, so it’s important that you be as educated as possible about each of your abortion alternatives before making a decision that will change your life.

You may be overwhelmed and emotionally vulnerable at this point in your pregnancy, but it’s crucial that you approach your alternative options to abortion in North Carolina with a clear head and plenty of background research. Only when you do this can you make the best choice for you and your unborn child. If you want to talk to someone about your situation, you can always call a counselor at A Child’s Hope for free at 877-890-4673. We understand that each woman’s situation is unique, so we’ll help give you in the information and support you need to move forward with your unplanned pregnancy.

To start, we’ll give you some basic information about the options other than abortion that you have for your unwanted pregnancy:


Choosing to raise your child is a decision that will greatly impact your future. By becoming a parent, you commit to putting your child’s needs ahead of your own for the rest of their life. You may need to put a hold on your own career, educational or life goals to make your child’s health and happiness a priority. Parenting isn’t easy every step of the way and it can be very expensive, but many parents find these trade-offs well worth it.

If you’re considering parenting as an alternative to abortion, you should know there are several ways you can raise your child.

  • Co-parenting with the birth father: If you want to parent your child and are on good terms with your baby’s father, you may be able to raise your child together. In fact, this is a good option if you want to parent; having a partner in the parenting process will help alleviate the financial stress, time and energy needed to raise a baby. However, make sure you don’t rush into a long-term relationship or partnership you’re not ready for because of your unplanned pregnancy. Once you choose to raise a child with someone, you’re connected forever.
  • Single parenting: If the birth father isn’t in the picture, you always have the option of raising your child on your own. However, this will present some challenges, as you will be the only one you can rely on for help. If you think you can afford the money, time and energy it takes to raise a child, you can choose to raise your baby by yourself, and you won’t be alone — 26 percent of children in the U.S. today are living with a single parent.
  • Temporary custody: Although you cannot establish a temporary guardianship for minors in North Carolina, you may be able to create a temporary custody agreement if you need time to find a better living arrangement, finish school or find a job before you can resume full parental duties for your child. You’ll need to contact an attorney to prepare this kind of agreement, which will allow for your child to be cared for by others (like family members or friends) without terminating your own parental rights.

Parenting is a commitment you should only make if you are absolutely sure you’re financially and emotionally ready. If you’re not sure, you can talk to one of our adoption counselors about your individual situation and if parenting is a possibility for you as an alternative pregnancy option.

Birth mother Stephanie chose Josh and Chris to adopt sweet baby James.


If you’re considering adoption as an alternative to abortion, you should know that placing your child for adoption will not be the easiest emotional decision to make — but, for many women not ready to parent, it ends up being the best choice for their newborn baby.

When you’re considering abortion alternatives, choosing adoption allows you to watch your child grow up in a supportive, loving family while simultaneously pursuing the dreams that you have for yourself. Many birth mothers experience the same sense of pride that they would if they were raising their child themselves, as well as the happiness in knowing they gave their child the best life possible.

There are two main ways that you can choose to place your child for adoption:

  • Adoption with a friend or family member: While it may seem like a win-win to place your child with someone you already know, there are some unique challenges that will come with this kind of adoption situation. Just because you know the adoptive parents and may see them often doesn’t mean you will be involved in any parenting decisions. And for some women, having a constant reminder of their adoption decision can make the healing process more difficult. Before choosing to place your child with a family member, it’s important you consider the consequences of this choice on your own life.
  • Adoption through an agency: Adoption with an agency offers many advantages that parenting cannot. Not only is adoption free for a pregnant mother, but the adoptive family your child will live with is financially and emotionally prepared to raise an adopted child. You even get to choose who this family is and meet them before completing the adoption. Many women find support and reassurance at this difficult time in their life by adopting through an agency like A Child’s Hope.

Choosing between your options instead of abortion in North Carolina is not usually a decision that will happen overnight — and it’s completely okay to take as much time as you need to make the perfect decision for you. While you are ultimately the only one who can decide what’s right, A Child’s Hope can help. You can talk to an adoption specialist for free at any time on our birth mother hotline at 877-890-4673 — or by texting PREGNANT to 919-971-4396 or emailing ach@achildshope.com — and we’ll provide you the information you need about your alternatives to abortion in North Carolina to make an educated decision.

Remember, no matter where you are at in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to choose adoption or parenting. Here at A Child’s Hope, we just want to make sure you’re comfortable with your decision every step of the way.

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