How We Provide You 24-Hour Adoption Support in N.C.

Choosing adoption for your unborn baby is a difficult decision to make, and you probably have many questions as you’re researching your unplanned pregnancy options. While there is plenty of useful information available on the internet, sometimes prospective birth mothers need to talk to an experienced counselor about their feelings and concerns — which is why A Child’s Hope strives to provide 24-hour adoption support in North Carolina, absolutely for free and with no obligation.

We understand that everyone is different, and the mode of communication that works for one prospective birth mother may not be comfortable for another. To provide you the 24/7 adoption support you want, we have several ways that you contact our agency at any time of the day:

Our Adoption Hotline: (919) 971-4396

Via text message: Pregnant to (919) 971-4396

Our offices: 919-839-8800

Through our online form

Para Español: Envia un texto (919) 218-6270 o envíenos un correo electrónico (

When you contact us via phone, you will be connected to our friendly hotline operator. She will answer your basic questions about adoption, learn more about you and connect you to a local adoption counselor through our agency. This will become your counselor throughout your adoption process, if you decide that adoption is right for you.

Our helpful adoption counselors can guide you through every step of your adoption process.

Even if you’re still unsure about adoption and looking for 24/7 adoption agency support, the counselors at A Child’s Hope can help. After a counselor contacts you by phone or text based on your preferences, she will meet you in person wherever you’re most comfortable to talk more in depth about your unplanned pregnancy options, if adoption is right for you and what your adoption process may look like. You can contact your counselor any time for 24-hour free adoption agency support in North Carolina, and she will do her best to answer your questions as thoroughly and as quickly as possible in whatever method of communication you prefer.

We’ve worked with many prospective birth mothers in North Carolina, so we understand how difficult it can be to decide that adoption is right for you. It’s certainly not a decision that you make overnight, and we strive to make ourselves as available to you as possible whenever you need us. Our website will provide you 24-hour pregnancy support and adoption information and, when you contact us during business hours, we will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns. If you want to contact us outside of business hours, that’s okay, too; we’ll work to connect you with a counselor as quickly as possible. You can contact us any time during your pregnancy or even after your baby is born for 24-hour adoption support.

So, what kind of 24/7 adoption information and support do our website and our counselors provide to you?

  • One-on-one support throughout your adoption process from your individual counselor
  • Information and counseling to decide whether adoption or parenting is right for you
  • Assistance with creating the perfect adoption plan for you and your baby
  • Thoroughly screened prospective adoptive families for you to choose from
  • Financial assistance for your pregnancy-related and living expenses
  • A plan for contact between you and the adoptive parents before, during and after the adoption process is complete
  • Transportation to your doctor’s appointments and hospital stay
  • Emotional support after the placement of your baby and for as long as you need it
  • And more

When you work with A Child’s Hope to place your baby for adoption, your counselor will support you every step of the way — answering whatever questions and addressing whatever concerns you may have in whatever method of communication works best for you. Adoption can be an emotionally complicated process, so we strive to provide you 24-hour adoption support whenever you need it.

Whether you’re still considering adoption in North Carolina or ready to start the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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Birthmother Hotline: (877) 890-4673

Envia Un Texto: (919) 218-6270

Text: Pregnant to (919) 971-4396