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Billy & Dana


We promise that your child will always feel safe and cared for in every way.

Allen & Emily


We promise to love your baby wholeheartedly and to support them in every way.

Mike & Melissa


Our promise is to love and guide this child into a beautiful and bright future.

Will & Amy


We’re excited to grow our family! He/She will be loved unconditionally!

Eric & Rachelle


We promise to guide and protect your baby in a loving, Christian home.

David & Taryn


We promise to raise this child to be a thoughtful, loving, and respectful person.

William & Jessica


We will provide your child a safe, loving home and help them grow into a successful adult.



Your child may not have my eyes or smile, but they will have all of my heart in a safe, loving home!

David & Elizabeth


We promise to provide a loving, cheerful home where family and quality time will always come first.

Justin & Bethanie


We will surround your child with happiness and love to grow into a respectful, caring, happy person.

Zach & Jenna


Our rural living offers cousins, a dog, and lots of other animals with which to play.

Jeremy & Jennifer


We promise to provide a loving, safe and supportive home for your child as they grow up.

Ralph & Will


We promise that your child will always feel safe, unconditionally loved and cared for in every way.

Luke & Alison


Our hearts are ready to receive the blessing of a child to love and care for unconditionally.

Scott & Nikki


We will provide a safe space for your child to grow up knowing they are loved and cared for always.

Jimmy & Jill


We promise to love your child with all our hearts and provide them with a life of endless opportunities.

Owen & Rose


Three years ago, we adopted Kaydence. We are all excited to adopt our second child!

Daniel & Ania


We promise to raise a child so happy and humble, even in hectic Paris, they’d stop to play with bubbles.


Like you, I want to give your child the best life – a life full of  love, laughter, happiness, and adventure.

Kevan & Peter


We will love your child with all our hearts. They will be protected and nurtured as a precious child of God.

Mike & Crystal


Your child will discover the world. We will love & support them, growing into the person they want to be.

Birthmother Hotline: (877) 890-4673

Envia Un Texto: (919) 218-6270

Text: Pregnant to (919) 971-4396