Adoption in Fayetteville

How to Place a Baby for Adoption or Adopt a Baby in Fayetteville, NC

Whether you are considering adoption in Fayetteville or the surrounding areas such as Hope Mills, Lumberton, Fort Bragg or Spring Lake, A Child’s Hope has a Fayetteville adoption counselor who can help you. We’re here to help hopeful parents looking to adopt a baby in Fayetteville, as well as pregnant women who are interested in making an adoption plan for their baby. Whatever you need to complete your adoption in Fayetteville, A Child’s Hope will be with you every step of the way.

Meet Your Fayetteville Adoption Counselor: Brittany Tryzbiak

If you’re adopting a child in Fayetteville or intend to give a baby up for adoption in Fayetteville, NC, then Brittany will be your go-to person throughout your adoption journey.

Brittany obtained her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and was commissioned as an Army officer upon graduation. After serving in Afghanistan and receiving an honorable discharge, she earned her Masters of Social Work degree from Indiana University. Brittany is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate with experience working with military families, low-income and homeless individuals, and sexual assault survivors. She is the daughter of parents who were each adopted, a military spouse, and the mother of twins.

In an effort to make the adoption process a smoother one for both prospective birth and adoptive families, A Child’s Hope has seven adoption counselors located throughout North Carolina. Your North Carolina adoption counselor will travel to you to meet with you, conduct the pre-adoption home study and post-placement visits with adoptive parents and more.

Every Fayetteville adoption counselor has at least 40 hours of specialized training in addition to being an authorized notary and/or a licensed home study professional. A Child’s Hope is here to oversee every detail of your adoption plan with you, so you never have to feel like you’re going through this alone.

Need to talk with your adoption counselor? You can always reach them on their agency-provided cell whenever you need them to answer questions, discuss your options or even if you just need someone to talk to.

Placing a Baby for Adoption in Fayetteville, NC

Brittany dedicates herself to helping women considering adoption to create adoption plans that best fit what they want for their child’s future. Brittany will meet with you personally, will attend at least one prenatal doctor’s appointment with you and coordinate with the hospital to accommodate how you’d like the delivery to go.

She’ll meet with the birth father if that’s what you prefer, present you with adoptive family profiles until you’ve chosen the family you feel is right to raise your baby as well as facilitate communication between the two parties.

Essentially, Brittany is not just your Fayetteville adoption counselor; she’s also your adoption guide, friend and confidante. Adoption counselors travel to you in order to provide in-person counseling and emotional support in addition to answer all your questions about your options. Brittany is also available via phone or text for 24/7 pregnancy support.

Your adoption counselor will be the one to walk you through the options available to you should you decide to pursue adoption for your baby. These can include:

  • Determining what type of financial assistance you need to help with your living expenses during your pregnancy
  • Talking with you about the baby’s birth father and helping to get him onboard with your personal adoption plan when possible
  • Determining how much communication you’d like to have with the adoptive family after the adoption and throughout your baby’s life
  • Discussing the type of adoptive parents you picture your baby having as their family
  • Creating a personalized birth plan that makes you feel comfortable and secure

Adopting a Baby in Fayetteville

Just as Brittany comforts and guides pregnant women throughout the NC adoption process, she’s there to work with prospective parents hoping to adopt a baby in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

She’ll help you receive the education you need to become parents through adoption in Fayetteville and counsel you every step of the way.  Brittany will be your link to the birth family before the adoption and she’ll connect you to the resources that you’ll need before, during and after placement.

Worried about the home study adoption process in Fayetteville? Don’t be — Brittany will work with you. She’ll travel to you to complete your pre-adoption home study visits as well as your post-placement visits. You’ll be in good hands!

Other Adoption Resources in Fayetteville

A Child’s Hope can help with the entire adoption process in Fayetteville for domestic adoptions of infants. But you may be interested in a different type of adoption, such as foster care or independent adoption. For that, you may want to seek out a Fayetteville adoption agency that specializes in that type of adoption. Here are a few resources to help get you started:

For foster care adoption in Fayetteville:

If you’re considering adopting an older child or a child with special needs of any kind, adopting through Fayetteville foster care agencies may be worth looking into.

Fayetteville health care resources for pregnancy care and delivery:

For pregnant women creating an adoption plan, your prenatal care and birth plan is as important for your peace of mind as it is for your physical health. These are a few of the local Fayetteville pregnancy and birth resources A Child’s Hope may use, depending on what’s most convenient for you.

For obtaining the child’s amended birth certificate after finalization:

Online and national adoption support groups:

To begin the Fayetteville adoption process today, or to speak to Brittany, your Fayetteville adoption counselor, contact us now at (919) 839-8800.

Birthmother Hotline: (877) 890-4673

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