Adoption News & Tips

Adoption news and tips for birth mothers and adoptive families from A Child’s Hope.

Thank You Judy & Alan – Provided Adoption Respite Care For 200+ Babies

Judy and Alan are adoption respite care providers who have been serving adopted children for 38 years.

Adoption in North Carolina is Double the Fun with Twins

This Father’s Day we sat down with Kyle for the dad’s perspective on adoption in North Carolina.

Military Families May Qualify for Significant Benefits

For military families considering adoption, there are a variety of both support services and financial resources available before, during and after the adoption process.

How Long Will it Take To Adopt?

How long you have to wait to adopt directly depends on the flexibility in your adoption plan. Simple Answer: The more open you are on six issues the shorter the wait.

Adoption Tax Credit – 2017 Taxes

With the average cost of a domestic adoption at $36,000, the Adoption Tax Credit can cover more than a third of your costs.

Adoption Agency A Child’s Hope Reaches 350 Placements

February 6, 2018, was a historic milestone for the adoption agency. We placed twins, which were the 349th and 350th children adopted.

Wes & Catherine Adopt a Daughter

Wes, Catherine and son John Michael adopt a daughter. Hear about their experience as they finalize the adoption on placement day.

Choosing a Child Guardian

Why Your Schnapps-Drinking, Atheist Uncle Oscar Might Not Be the Best Choice for Guardianship. By Angel Simpson.

Adoption Placement Day with Ethan & Ellen

Meet Octavian, the new son of Ethan and Ellen. Watch their first few moments together as a new family.

Happy Holidays 2017

We are excited to share with you our video that features the children adopted through A Child’s Hope in 2017.

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