Adoption in Greensboro

How to Place a Baby for Adoption or Adopt a Baby in Greensboro, NC

Learning about Greensboro adoption doesn’t have to be done solo.  A Child’s Hope has seven adoption counselors located throughout North Carolina so that you’re always near the professional adoption education and counseling you need.

The adoption counselors of A Child’s Hope are licensed notaries and home study professionals in addition to being experienced professional social workers. This means that they can handle the paperwork for birth and adoptive families, as well as the pre- and post-placement home study visits for prospective adoptive parents. You’ll never have to stress about dealing with multiple adoption professionals scattered across North Carolina; you’ll have one adoption counselor that you’ll meet and work with throughout your personal adoption process in Greensboro, NC.

Our adoption counselors are available via phone or text for emotional support and professional counseling whenever you need to talk. When you call your personal adoption counselor, here’s who you’ll be talking with:

Meet Your Greensboro Adoption Counselor: Sloane Mosley

Sloane completed her undergraduate degree in Human Services Counseling at Old Dominion University. She received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California through the Virtual Academic Center in 2015. Sloane has been working in the social work field for about 8 years, working with children and families. She loves advocating for children!

You’ll be working with Sloane to create your adoption plan. She’ll be the one to connect you with potential birth or adoptive parents to form a lifelong bond created through the beautiful and brave act of adoption. When you have questions or even just need to talk, Sloane will be the one that you’ll call if you live in Greensboro or the surrounding areas of Triad, such as High Point, Asheboro and Thomasville.

Place a Baby for Adoption in Greensboro, NC

For pregnant women considering adoption in Greensboro or the surrounding area, Sloane will be more than just a Greensboro adoption counselor. She’ll be your mentor, friend and support system.

Sloane is available for women with unplanned pregnancies to talk to at any time; just call her Greensboro adoption agency cell.

Your adoption counselor is the one who presents you with the family profiles of potential adoptive parents for your baby, facilitates communication between you and the adoptive parents before, during and after placement and who educates you about your rights and options regarding the adoption process in Greensboro, North Carolina. She can attend prenatal doctor’s appointments with you, work with you to determine any pregnancy- or adoption-related living expenses that you might need financial help with, help you to create a birth plan so you’re more comfortable at the hospital before placement and counsel you through your feelings at every stage of your adoption journey.

She’s there to help you understand the North Carolina adoption process so that you can make decisions about your adoption that are best for you and the life you want for your baby.

Adopt a Baby in Greensboro, NC

Greensboro adoption can be difficult and intimidating for prospective adoptive parents, too. For navigating the steps of the Greensboro adoption process, the emotional journey of adoption and more, Sloane will be your guide.

She’ll educate you about raising an adopted child, help facilitate communication between you and the birth family to last a lifetime and work with you to prepare for the task of becoming parents through adoption. Sloane will be there to complete your pre- and post-placement home study visits and will be your go-to person for any and all questions you may have.

Sloane can also help connect you to resources that may be helpful to you at every stage of adopting a child in Greensboro (as well as long after placement).

Other Adoption Resources in Greensboro

Your adoption counselor and the other adoption professionals at A Child’s Hope will be able to help you with almost all of the adoption process in North Carolina. But if you have your heart set on an adoption that isn’t the domestic adoption of an infant, the following resources may help you to find the type of adoption opportunity that you’re looking for.

A Child’s Hope is happy to help you with any counseling or education, home study services or legal services that you may require while you’re pursuing alternative types of adoption.

For foster care adoption in Greensboro:

Resources for pregnancy care and delivery:

For obtaining the child’s amended birth certificate after finalization:

Adoption support groups and supportive services in Greensboro:

  • Adoption Triad Dialogue Support Group Greensboro, NC
    2nd Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 p.m.
    Contact Francie Portnoy

To learn about how to adopt a child in Greensboro, NC or how to give baby up for adoption in Greensboro, contact us now at (919) 839-8800 to talk to Sloane about starting your adoption journey today.

Birthmother Hotline: (877) 890-4673

Envia Un Texto: (919) 218-6270

Text: Pregnant to (919) 971-4396