Infant Adoption – Adoptive Parent Video Testimonials

Are you considering domestic adoption? Or do you want to learn more about the process of adoption in NC. We know it can seem daunting — but knowing what to expect can help. As a licensed North Carolina adoption agency, A Child’s Hope can explain the process of how to adopt in North Carolina.

We have been helping families adopt since 2000, and we offer support every stepo of the way. The first step for any hopeful parent or an expectant mother considering adoption is to contact A Child’s Hope.

Check out the videos below to hear from A Child’s Hope families about their adoption journeys, as well as directly from the heart of a birth mother.

Michelle adopts Talia Isabelle.

Kevin & Emma have a son.

Evan & Nathan have a son.

Marc & Krizia have a daughter.

Mike & Brittany have a son.

Jennifer & Justin have a son.

Sara & RJ have a son.

Ben & Andrea have a son.

Chris & Caitlin have a daughter.

Matt & Kelsey have a daughter.

Ben & Morgan have a son.

Evleyn has a little sister.

Mike & Cassie have a daughter.

Justin & Bethanie adopt a second child.

Ed & Evette have a son.

William & Jessica have a son.

Scott & Nikki have a son.

Russ & Tanya have a daughter.

Matt & Jennifer have a daughter.

Brandon & Rhyker have a daughter.

Justin & Josh have a son.

Megan & Lyndsey have a son.

Jeremy & Jennifer have a daughter.

Eric & Rachelle have a daughter.

David & Elizabeth have a son.

Kevan & Peter have a daughter.

Owen & Rose have a son.

Will & Ralph have a son.

Dani  & Ania adopt Yazhi
Phil & Bernardo Adopt Finneas Baldwin
Derrick & Melissa Adopt Elise Carolyn
Stephen & Rebecca Adopt Greta Abigail Laine
Ken & Diana Adopt Kenneth Elijah
Don & Christine Adopt Cora
Corey & Stuart Adopt Felicity Basil
DJ gets a little sister when Daryl & Michelle adopt Maya
Amit & Meloni have a daughter – little Eva
Brandon & Megan have a son – Ryder James
Hear about Amie & Rebecca’s adoption of Avery Wren.
Meet Simone adopted by Bryan & Camille
Meet Salvador adopted by Allie
Meet Madelyn Jean adopted by Corey & Rebecca
Brandon & Lydia have a daughter. Meet Leona.
Meet Jacob, Adam & Kate’s son and little brother to Anthony.
Gerry & Nathalie have a son. Meet Leo.
Josh & Melissa have a son. Meet Gavin.
Tanya has a son. Hear about her adoption journey.
Aaron & Stephanie adopted a little girl. Hear about their adoption journey.
Rodney & Brittany adopted twin boys. Hear their open-adoption story and how they paid for the adoption process.
Nathan & Kelsey have Twins. Meet Zeke & Zoey.
Celebrate Lillian Grace Marie’s adoption by Jason and Kristy.
Hear about Tanneshia’s journey to adopt Tristan in this interview on legal placement day.
Brandi shares some of her story in adopting Isaiah. See the video from placement day.
Zach, Rachel and big brother Ari have adopted Maxwell. This is placement #375 for A Child’s Hope. See this video from placement day.
Chris & Caitlin have a new son Henry. See this video from placement day.
Mike & Kate have a new daughter Ava. See this video from placement day.
David & Carrie adopt Benjamin. See this video from legal placement day.
Megan & Lyndsey adopt Evey. See this video from legal placement day.
Keri & Nicole adopt Avery. See this video from legal placement day.
Alex & Miesha adopt Julianna. See this video from legal placement day.
Jeremy & Hope adopt Finley. See this slideshow from legal placement day.
Jimmy & Jill adopt Palmer. See the video interview on legal placement day.
Matt & Laura adopt Ryan. See the video interview on legal placement day.
Decree Day at the Clerk of Courts for Annaiise, placed in 2017.
Chris & Carrie introduce Cole. See the video of placement day.
Mike & Robin introduce Aria. See the video of placement day.
Justin & Bethanie introduce Gavin. See the video of placement day.
James & Sarah introduce Henry. See the video of placement day.
Ajit & Kelly introduce Sebastian. See the video of placement day.
Mike & Crystal introduce Miles Ernest. See the video of placement day.
Matt, Sammie & Madeline welcome Margot Simone into their home. See the video of placement day.
Zach & Callie welcome Eli into their home. See the video of placement day.
Lena has a new home with Erin, Josh and big sister Nora. See the video of placement day.
Ivan is the new son of Mike & Bem. See a slideshow of the happy parents on placement day.
Estelle is the new baby sister Isaac has always wanted. Mom Krika, Estelle and Isaac visited the A Child’s Hope offices to finalize the adoption.
This open adoption has Justin & Jessica beaming on placement day. Hear Jessica talk about the great relationship they have with the birth mother.
After six years of struggling with infertility, adoption through A Child’s Hope has brought a baby into Emilie & Coleman’s life.
The 350th placement by A Child’s Hope – these twins meet their adoptive parents and new big sister.
See Nikita hold her new son Amari for the first time.
Wes, Catherine and son John Michael finalize the adoption of Athena. Hear their story.
Ethan & Ellen meet their son for the first time. Hear their story.
Its placement day for Bob & Liz. Hear their story.
Chris & Josh share their adoption journey.
Hear about Pat & Jen’s path to adoption.
Sophia has a new baby brother. Watch as the family shares their excitement.
Enjoy a touching momet as Paul and Elizabeth hold baby Ethan for the first time.
Adopting twins bring twice the blessings and joy for Kyle and Allison.

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