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First Trimester

5 weeks Babies first heartbeat.
8 weeks Clap along and kick it off with your baby as he or she develops her arms and feet with fingers and toes.
11 weeks Your baby can hiccup, though it’s too soon for you to feel it.

Second Trimester

14 weeks Your baby can make facial expressions and may have discovered thumb-sucking.
15 weeks Your baby can see the light that filters in from outside your womb.
19 weeks Your baby can hear your heartbeat and sounds that come from outside your body, such as your partner’s voice.
23 weeks Your baby’s sense of movement has developed, so you may sometimes be able to see him squirming under the surface of your belly.
27 weeks Your baby is sleeping and waking up at regular intervals, opening and closing his/her eyes, and sucking his fingers.

Third Trimester

28 weeks Your baby may be dreaming.
37 weeks Your baby is now considered “early term.” Babies born now usually do well, but ideally, the baby should stay in your womb for a couple more weeks to give his brain and lungs time to fully mature.
39 weeks Your baby is now considered full-term and is ready for life outside the womb.
41 weeks You’ve passed your due date and your baby is now considered “late term.” To avoid complications, your doctor will probably talk to you about inducing labor in the next week or two.

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