What Are My Options as a Pregnant Teen in N.C.?

Becoming a pregnant teen is probably the last thing you thought would ever happen to you at your age. Yet, here you are, finding yourself a pregnant teenager in North Carolina and wondering what to do.

Fortunately, there is plenty of help available in North Carolina and several options for a pregnant teenage girl like yourself. If you’re wondering what to do if you’re a pregnant teenager, one of the first things should be to call A Child’s Hope. Our trained counselors are available to talk you through all of your options as a pregnant teen and help you decide what might be best for you. You are under no obligation to choose adoption if you call us, and all of our counseling will be completely free for you. To talk to us today, call our Pregnancy Hotline: (919) 971-4396, or Text: Pregnant to (919) 971-4396, or email ach@achildshope.com.

So, what are the options for a pregnant teen in North Carolina?

Abortion for Teenagers in N.C.

If you’re early enough in your pregnancy, you might be considering abortion as a pregnant teenager.  However, abortion is not always the “quick and easy” solution to your unplanned pregnancy, and it’s important that you know the facts about the procedure before deciding that it’s right for you.

In North Carolina, you can only complete an abortion if you are 20 weeks or earlier in your pregnancy. In addition, for pregnant teenagers, the state requires that one of your parents gives permission for your abortion. It’s very difficult to complete an abortion without parental knowledge and permission.

North Carolina law also requires that you complete several steps before you can undergo an abortion procedure. You’ll need to receive state-directed counseling (which will likely include information discouraging you from abortion) and an ultrasound, and you’ll need to wait 72 hours after this counseling before you can complete the procedure.

Some other things you should know about abortion in North Carolina:

  • Abortion can be expensive. While some insurance companies cover the cost of an abortion procedure, many do not — and you may wish to pay out-of-pocket to avoid statements on your parents’ insurance. Abortion can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars and, when you’re pregnant as a teenager, that can be difficult to come by.
  • Abortion comes with certain risks. Like any medical procedure, abortion has potential risks. When abortions are completed safely in a medical clinic, complications are rare, but they can include pain and cramping, spotting and bleeding and (in more serious cases) infection and damage to the cervix and uterus. In addition to the medical risks, some women develop postabortion stress syndrome, as well as feelings of guilt and sadness that eventually dissipate with time.
  • Abortion is permanent. When you choose abortion, you may have questions later on in life about what your child may have looked like or grown up to be. Perhaps you’re deciding between abortion and adoption in teenage pregnancy; while 95 percent of women don’t regret their abortion, adoption will give your baby a chance at life with a loving waiting adoptive family.

Only you can decide if abortion is right for you as a pregnant teenager, but it might be a good idea to talk to a counselor or trusted friend or family member for advice and to help you decide.

Adoption for Pregnant Teenagers in North Carolina

Wondering what to do if you are a teenager and pregnant? Adoption might be the right answer for you.

In North Carolina, there are many prospective adoptive parents waiting for a baby so, if you choose adoption, you will be able to find the perfect adoptive family. While adoption is not the right choice for everyone, it’s certainly a viable option as you’re wondering how to proceed with your unplanned teenage pregnancy.

Unlike abortion, you do not need your parents’ consent to place your baby for adoption in a teenage pregnancy. Every decision in your adoption process will be entirely up to you, so you can decide what you are and aren’t comfortable with when you place your baby for adoption. In addition, when you pursue adoption, you always have the right to change your mind until you sign your adoption papers after your baby is born.

Here are some other things you should know about adoption before deciding it’s right for you:

  • Adoption is completely free to you. When you choose adoption, you will not have to pay for your pregnancy-related expenses. Working with an adoption agency like A Child’s Hope allows you to get financial assistance for adoption, including money for maternity clothes and the travel expenses incurred for doctor’s appointments.
  • You can continue your education while pregnant. Unlike raising a child, choosing adoption will let you continue to attend school and do many of the things you love. While you will be pregnant, you can have a normal teenage experience for the majority of your pregnancy and after your baby is born. If you’re uncomfortable attending your normal school while pregnant, there are also alternative schooling methods available to keep up with your education.
  • You can stay in touch with the adoptive parents after your baby is born. In addition to choosing and getting to know an adoptive family for your baby, you can also stay in touch with them as your child grows up. Open adoption gives you the chance to receive communication — emails, phone calls, letters and even in-person meetings — from the adoptive parents for the next 18 years. Many women who choose adoption say this communication helps them deal with the sadness they feel and reaffirms adoption as the right choice for their child.

If you think adoption might be right for you, you can always call A Child’s Hope at 877-890-4673, text PREGNANT to 919-971-4396 or email ach@achildshope.com to learn more about the process and speak to a trained counselor. You won’t be obligated to choose adoption until you’re ready, but we can give you all the information you need to make an educated decision for your teenage pregnancy in North Carolina.

Teen Parenting in North Carolina

The last of your options for teen pregnancy is choosing to raise your child yourself as a teenage parent. Obviously, this is a serious decision to make, as it will change the rest of your life. When you choose to become a parent at a young age, you will have to make sacrifices to make your child your first priority — and it will be difficult to lead a “normal” teenage life.

However, if you are prepared for the challenges of being a teen mom, you certainly have the right to choose to parent your unborn baby. Here are some of the realities of parenting that you should consider before making that permanent decision:

  • Raising a child is expensive. Today, it costs an average of $233,000 to raise a child to the age 18 — and that’s not even including the cost of college and any financial assistance they need after high school. As a teenager, it will be difficult for you to continue attending school and be able to afford the costs of raising a child, especially if you want to move out of your parents’ house later on in life.
  • You may have to put your life goals on hold. It’s incredibly difficult to be a full-time parent, work and attend school at the same time. As you make your child your priority, you may have to postpone your goals of going to college or advancing in your chosen career field. You also will be unlikely to experience a “normal” high school or college career.
  • Your support system may not always be there. Many teenagers choose to raise their baby because they have the assistance of their parents. By living in their parents’ house and having someone to guide them through the early steps of parenthood, they think raising their child will be easier than it originally seems. However, you need to consider what would happen to you and your baby if your parents and friends were unable or unwilling to provide you financial or practical assistance anymore. Would you still be able to raise a baby on your own? And, if the baby’s father isn’t involved, are you prepared to raise your child by yourself — and do you want that for them?

You always have the right to parent your child, but it’s important that you seriously consider all of your options to determine if this is the best choice for you and your baby. The counselors at A Child’s Hope can answer any questions you have about the realities of parenting and give you the information you need to determine if parenthood is a realistic possibility for you.

Which is Right for You?

As a pregnant teen in North Carolina, you’re probably overwhelmed with your situation and not sure what to do. It’s important to have a support system to talk about your options for teen pregnancy, as you want to be as informed as possible before making a life-changing decision.

If you need someone to talk to about your unplanned teenage pregnancy, the counselors at A Child’s Hope can help for free and with no obligation. To learn more about your options for a pregnant teen, please contact us today.

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