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The choice is yours! Our waiting families are pictured below and we add new families each month. To learn about each couple, click on their photos and names below. You can also check them out on social media. Almost every family has a facebook page as well as a You Tube Page and Pinterest Page.

Each family has been thoroughly screened and counseled and met with one of our adoption counselors at least for three visits. Call the number listed on each page to talk to the family directly or to talk to the agency about the family. Each family is willing to talk and meet with you in person. Whether you’re in the Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte or Asheville areas, we can help.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Billy & Dana
Click image to view Billy & Dana's adoption video.

Billy & Dana

Your child will never doubt how much they are loved by us, and you. We are ready to and capable of providing a stable, secure, safe environment for a child to grow in. This child will always feel safe and cared for in every way.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Allen & Emily
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Allen & Emily

We promise to love your baby wholeheartedly and to support them in every way. We will nurture their growth and set the stage for a happy, meaningful life.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Mike & Melissa
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Mike & Melissa

Our promise is to love and guide this child into a beautiful and bright future and to never let them forget who they are and where they came from. For every single part of them, will be the most precious and important thing on earth to us.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Brandon & Tashia
Click image to view Brandon & Tashia's adoption video.

Brandon & Tashia

We promise to honor you and this gift of opportunity that you are giving to your child by loving and caring for your child with everything we have.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Will & Amy
Click image to view Will & Amy's adoption video.

Will & Amy

Please know that if you choose us, your little one will be well cared for, loved on and celebrated everyday by not only us and Abe but, also by all our family and friends. Since we’ve experienced the adoption process before, we know how important it is that the child knows about their birth parents and how much he/she has been loved right from the beginning.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Eric & Rachelle
Click image to view Eric & Rachelle's adoption video.

Eric & Rachelle

We promise to guide and protect your baby in a loving, Christian home. We will raise your child with grace and respect. We are truly blessed and thankful to be trusted with one of God’s greatest gifts.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Daryl & Michelle
Click image to view Daryl & Michelle's adoption video.

Daryl & Michelle

We would love the chance to provide a safe, happy, and healthy life for your child. Your child will be raised in a home that is filled with unconditional love and will always be supported and encouraged.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Amit & Meloni
Click image to view Amit & Meloni's adoption video.

Amit & Meloni

We want you to know that your child will know about where he or she came from. We will honor an open adoption and welcome you and your child to our lives. Your child will be loved unconditionally and will have a supportive and loving group of family and friends. We will always encourage him or her to dream big and nurture his or her passions and interests in life.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Derrick & Melissa
Click image to view Derrick & Melissa's adoption video.

Derrick & Melissa

We will give your child a loving and stable home, full of laughter, where he or she can thrive and grow into a kind and independent adult.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - David & Taryn
Click image to view David & Taryn's adoption video.

David & Taryn

We strive to be parents that inspire hope, foster a love of learning, and show unconditional love. With a dash of humor, abundant laughter, and a safe place to dream, we promise to give all of ourselves as we raise this child to be a thoughtful, loving, and respectful person.

Prospective Adoptive Parent - Alison
Click image to view Alison's adoption video.


I have always dreamed of being a mother, and I love children. Raised in Wisconsin,  I recently relocated to North Carolina to build a home and family for myself. My promise to you is that I will give 100% – to be the best mom I can be. I know I was always meant to be a mother and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Sam & Joanna
Click image to view Sam & Joanna's adoption video.

Sam & Joanna

We promise to provide a peaceful home, filled with love and fun. We recognize the courage and thoughtfulness it takes for you to learn more about us, and we hope that you also have peace during this difficult decision. We look forward to getting to know you and including you in our family as much as you are comfortable, but always including you in your child’s story.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - William & Jessica
Click image to view William & Jessica's adoption video.

William & Jessica

As parents, we are thankful that you are giving us this amazing opportunity to love your baby with every ounce of love we have for the rest of our lives. We will cherish every memory we make together as a new family. We will provide them with a safe, loving home, teach them life morals, explore life together and help them grow into a loving, responsible, and successful adult.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Don & Christine
Click image to view Don & Christine's adoption video.

Don & Christine

As parents, we will love, care for, guide, protect, teach, and instill laughter daily with a little one. Please know that we are committed to raising a well-rounded person that feels loved and cared for.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Ken & Diana
Click image to view Ken & Diana's adoption video.

Ken & Diana

We will love your child with all of our hearts. We will provide him or her with a safe and loving home that will be filled with love forever.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Sherry
Click image to view Sherry's adoption video.


I can promise you that my home will always be filled with lots of laughter and love! Your child may not have my eyes or smile, but they will have all of my heart! I promise to provide them with a safe, loving home, and life-experiences that will help them grow into the person they are meant to be.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Corey & Stuart
Click image to view Corey & Stuart's adoption video.

Corey & Stuart

We have formed the start of a loving family – the next step for us is to welcome a child into our lives! Between both sides of our family, we have five nieces and nephews (ages 5-14) who are all looking forward to the addition of a new cousin. We have many friends in the area with young children who will make great playmates for our child.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Phil & Bernardo
Click image to view Phil & Bernardo's adoption video.

Phil & Bernardo

We believe in the philosophy of wholehearted parenting. Our children will know that they are loved and lovable, no matter what. They will know that they are worthy of love, belonging, and joy, just because they are them.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Brandon & Megan
Click image to view Brandon & Megan's adoption video.

Brandon & Megan

We promise to love your child unconditionally, and keep you involved in whatever way you feel most comfortable. We are thankful for the open adoption we have with Haley’s birth mother; we see each other several times per year and send pictures all the time. She is truly a member of our family, we have welcomed her with love and she has done the same for us. We would be beyond grateful to have an open adoption with this child as well.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - David & Elizabeth
Click image to view David & Elizabeth's adoption video.

David & Elizabeth

As parents, we promise to provide a loving, cheerful home where family and quality time will always come first. We have both dreamed of having a family since the early days of our relationship, and we look forward to being young, active parents who give our children the gift of time and support.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Justin & Bethanie
Click image to view Justin & Bethanie's adoption video.

Justin & Bethanie

Having been through the adoption process before, we know that adoption creates an amazing triad of child, birth parents, and adoptive parents that is incredibly special. As parents, we will surround your child with happiness and love. We will provide them with opportunities to grow and blossom into a respectful, caring, happy person. We can’t wait to have another child join our hearts and home and add to this beautiful family we have created.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Justin & Laura
Click image to view Justin & Laura's adoption video.

Justin & Laura

As parents, we will love, cherish, guide, and protect your child unconditionally as a member of our family. Please know that we are committed to raise a well-rounded and well-versed individual that will always know they are loved. We will always encourage our child to dream big and nurture their passions and interests in life.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Zach & Jenna
Click image to view Zach & Jenna's adoption video.

Zach & Jenna

We understand this isn’t an easy decision for you to make. Please understand that if you choose us, this child will grow up in a happy and loving family. Our rural living offers huge advantages – cousins to grow up with, a dog to play with, access to animals that most people only see in a petting zoo, and opportunities that not every child may normally enjoy.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Jeremy & Jennifer
Click image to view Jermey & Jennifer's adoption video.

Jeremy & Jennifer

As future parents, we promise to provide a loving, safe and supportive home for a child to grow up in. We are committed to having lots of laughter, support, and love in our home. We are forever grateful for you taking the time to read our profile and the thoughtfulness it takes to learn more about us.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Will & Ralph
Click image to view Will & Ralph's adoption video.

Will & Ralph

We hope that you can see the amount of love, joy, caring, and positivity we can offer to a child. We have always wanted children and through open adoption we are hopeful that we will be able to fulfill that dream.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Luke & Alison
Click image to view Luke & Alison's adoption website.

Luke & Alison

Our hearts and arms are ready to receive the blessing of a child. The anticipation of experiences that we may be able to share with a child is incredibly exciting to us – and none of that would be possible without birth parents like you!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Steve & Jenelle
Click image to view Steve & Jenelle's adoption video.

Steve & Jenelle

We have been matched with a wonderful birth mother and are expecting a baby in January.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Amie & Rebecca
Click image to view Amie & Rebecca's adoption video.

Amie & Rebecca

We have a beautiful daughter!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Bryan & Camille
Click image to view Bryan & Camille's adoption video.

Bryan & Camille

We have a beautiful baby girl!

Prospective Adoptive Parent - Allie
Click image to view Allie's adoption video.


I have a beautiful baby boy!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Cory & Becca
Click image to view Cory & Becca's adoption video.

Cory & Becca

Thanks to two wonderful birth parents we have a beautiful baby girl!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Brandon & Lydia
Click image to view Brandon & Lydia's adoption video.

Brandon & Lydia

We have a sweet little girl!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Adam & Kate
Click image to view Adam & Kate's adoption video.

Adam & Kate

Our son now has a handsome little brother!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Gerry & Nathalie
Click image to view Gerry & Nathalie's adoption video.

Gerry & Nathalie

Thanks to two wonderful birthparents we have a son!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Josh & Melissa
Click image to view Josh & Melissa's adoption video.

Josh & Melissa

We are very happy to have our son in our arms!

Prospective Adoptive Parent - Tanya
Click image to view Tanya's adoption website.


I have a baby boy!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Aaron & Stephanie
Click image to view Aaron & Stephanie's website.

Aaron & Stephanie

We have an adorable baby girl!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Rodney & Brittany
Click image to view Rodney & Brittany's adoption video.

Rodney & Brittany

We have two sons!

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