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The choice is yours! Our waiting families are pictured below and we add new families each month. To learn about each couple, click on their photos and names below. You can also check them out on social media. Almost every family has a facebook page as well as a You Tube Page and Pinterest Page.

Each family has been thoroughly screened and counseled and met with one of our adoption counselors at least for three visits. Call the number listed on each page to talk to the family directly or to talk to the agency about the family. Each family is willing to talk and meet with you in person. Whether you’re in the Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte or Asheville areas, we can help.

Prospective Adoptive Parent - Krika
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Hello ! We are Krika and Isaac . Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and read our profile . It takes a strong woman to make this tough decision and I admire your courage . Please know that I will give your child unconditional love and support for a lifetime.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Nikkie
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​For the most part, I’ve always been happy​, ​even growing up. My personal motto​,​​”Keep smiling ​and​ maintain focu​s. By​ faith things are getting better​. B​ring joy to the atmosphere you’re in​. Change what you have the power to change​. S​mile through adversity!​”​ ​ I like to post positive notes around my home and I will raise a happy, healthy, positive child.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - James and Sarah
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James & Sarah

​Hello, we are James and Sarah! We hope that our profile will give you a glimpse into the life we want to share with another child. Our goal is to raise children that are happy, healthy, and kind. We would love to hear from you!

Prospective Adoptive Parent - Megan
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​A dream come true, my family starts with you.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Mike and Robin
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Mike & Robin

We are honored and humbled that you are considering us as parents. Be assured we will love, nurture, cherish, and give a child the best life we possibly can.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Reid and Natalie
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Reid & Natalie

We feel extremely blessed to be adoptive parents and our daughter is so excited to become a big sister!  We want to honor your choices by involving you in the child’s life to the extent that you desire.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Justin and Jessica
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Justin & Jessica

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us as a family. We hope this helps you to see all the love we have to offer a child. We are extremely blessed to have such a wonderful network of supportive family and friends which will allow us to build a loving family. We are committed to providing our child with unconditional love and joy in a safe, fun environment. We can’t wait to meet you and wish you all the best!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Ethan and Ellen
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Ethan & Ellen

Our child will know a lifetime of fun, happiness, kindness, and unconditional love.

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Kelly and Ajit
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Kelly & Ajit

We are Kelly and Ajit! We are madly in love with each other!! We come from diverse backgrounds that has made our relationship stronger and more balanced. We are incredibly excited to extend this love to our child!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Wes and Catherine
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Wes & Catherine

We’ve been matched to a birth mother!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Chris and Pam
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Chris & Pam

We have a son!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Joe and Stacy
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Joe & Stacy

We have a daugther!

Prospective Adoptive Parent - Claire
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I have a son!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - David and Amy
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David & Amy

We have a daughter!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Bob and Liz
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Bob & Liz

We have a son!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Pat & Jenn
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Pat & Jen

We have a son!

Prospective Adoptive Parents - Nikkie
Click image to watch Chris and Josh's adoption video

Chris and Josh

We have a son!


I have a son!

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