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How do I know that adoption is the right choice for me and my baby?

The best way to find out if adoption is a good choice for you is to meet and talk with an adoption counselor who will not try to pressure you. If you have chosen to carry your baby to term and give birth, then your options are to parent or place for adoption. At A Child’s Hope, we believe that the best way to receive counseling is in person, which is why we have seven adoption counselors spread throughout the state of North Carolina so we can provide you with the in-person support you deserve.

How do I know that the adoptive family that I choose are good people and will love and care for my baby?

Each family that is shown on our website has gone through the formal homestudy process. An adoption counselor has visited their home three times and –

  • Confirmed their identity;
  • Has seen a letter from their physician stating they are healthy;
  • Has provided official criminal background checks (local and FBI); and
  • Has received references from a list of people who have known them for at least two years.

For a list of the documents we require our adoptive parents to provide click here. Persons who have any serious illness, condition or who have a criminal history or who are not financially able to take care of a baby are not homestudy approved.

Each family is also required to have completed an infant CPR class, as well as a newborn baby care class. They are also required to complete a required reading list on adoption, open adoption and attend at least two educational seminars.

What if I do not know how to contact the birth father?

The Agency has resources to conduct internet searches and also uses the assistance of a private investigator to help us locate the birth father. It’s rare that the Agency cannot locate a birth father with our resources if the birth mother tells us what she knows about him.

What if I have not had prenatal care?

You can still place your baby. We often work with pregnant women who have not been able to get prenatal care during the pregnancy.

What if I have used drugs/alcohol?

About one in five of the pregnant women that we work with tell us that they have used drugs or alcohol. We appreciate their honesty and we do not judge. We have waiting families that are open to adopting children who have been exposed to drugs and/or alcohol during the pregnancy. We have been able to find a loving home for every child that has ever been entrusted in our care by the mother including babies that were born with serious medical issues. We believe that there is a waiting family for every child.

What if I’m about to deliver or am calling from the hospital, is it too late to place a child for adoption?

No, we work with women who call us when they are just two or three months along in the pregnancy and we have worked with women who call us from the hospital or even after they have taken the baby home.

My baby is not a newborn, can I still place for adoption?

Yes, we have placed children who are as old as eight years old. We have resources for the adoption of children who are not newborns.   Many of our past placed families are open to older children.

How will I be able to “give my baby away?”

It’s a difficult decision and one that is hard to do. You will never forget your baby. We have adoption counselors that are trained to help you prepare for how you will feel. You will choose and meet the adoptive parents prior to placement and if you want them at the hospital they will be there! You can see your baby at the hospital, feed your baby, name your baby and you can choose to stay in touch over the years with the adoptive parents. A Child’s Hope is always available for counseling to any birth mothers who have placed through our Agency.

What will my child think of me in the future for “giving him/her away?”

A Child’s Hope educates its adoptive families to let your child know how brave you were and how much you love your child. You are invited to write a letter to your child and to stay in touch over the years with letters and pictures. If you choose an open adoption, you can communicate directly with the family and child. As a result, most children who are adopted grow up feeling true respect for their birth parents, loved and understand why you made your decision.

When do I sign the adoption papers?

The adoption counselor will meet with you at the hospital when you feel you are ready to sign relinquishments. You will review your documents prior to delivery and after signing will receive a copy of the documents.

What is the difference between a semi-open adoption and an open adoption?

In a semi-open adoption you and the adoptive family are on a first name basis. In a semi-open adoption you choose from families that are waiting. You will meet them in person with the presence of your adoption counselor. You may also have visits later, but since you do not have each other’s contact information, an adoption counselor will need to be present. You and the adoptive family will share letters and pictures that are sent through the Agency over the years.

In an open adoption you will meet the adoptive family of your choice and then share information directly over the years. This is direct communication without either party sending pictures/letters through the Agency and visit occur without a counselor present.

Can I receive financial help while I am pregnant and afterwards?

Yes, A Child’s Hope works out a budget with you so that your needs are taken care of. North Carolina law allows adoptive parents to pay support up to six weeks after the delivery. Reasonable living and medical expenses related to the delivery are allowed under the law.

What if my family does not agree with my adoption plan?

Our adoption counselors help you communicate with your family and to help you explain your decision. The decision to place your baby for adoption is your decision.

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