Birth Mothers and the Best Gift of All

A birthmother placing a newborn baby into the intended adoptive parents arms for the first time is an emotional moment any time of year. But when a newborn is placed for adoption at Christmas, emotions can easily run much higher.   

Last Sunday, I watched as a young woman with an unplanned pregnancy have her baby’s adoptive parents visit her in the hospital to meet the baby. She wanted them to share in the moment. She had delivered him three days before and she cuddled the baby on her chest and watched as she handed the baby over to the new adoptive mom to be. She said how much she loved him.

Everyone in the hospital room tried to hold their emotions in check. North Carolina law allows birth parents seven (7) days to revoke her consent. Even though the birth mother in this hospital room had signed relinquishments the day before, all were mindful that despite all her best intentions that she could change her mind and the baby they were holding would not be theirs to raise.

The birth mother admitted that she was feeling very emotional, but she knew that she was giving the Best Gift of All to a young couple who had struggled for years with infertility and waited with an adoption agency for a child to love and call their own. And she smiled when their eyes filled with tears as they held him.

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