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The Networking Challenge

In 2012, Jody and Paige took the networking challenge to heart and reached out to family and friends with an email… which led them to Riley’s birth mom and their placement!!

Jody and Paige went on our website in 2011, and took to heart the need to network on their behalf to find a child to adopt.  They were matched with a birthmother who was due August 2012, and the match is a direct result of their efforts to reach out and let others know that they wish to adopt.

They found their birth mother Megan by putting out the word among family and friends in an email with links to their website.  After finishing their profile and website with Hal and Joanna, Paige sent out an email to everyone on her contact list that she and Jody were planning to adopt, wanted to share their story and get the word out there!  Paige referred back to My Adoption Advisor’s online “Adoption Advertising & Networking” class which helped her create her email.  And about a week later they got a phone call from a woman Jody had served with in the military…  Her daughter had just come to her and told her she was pregnant and they reached out to Jody and Paige for a possible adoption plan.  All from an email!

A Big thank you to Jody, Paige and Riley for allowing us to tell the story of their family!

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