Adoption in a Flash!

Angi and Hunter received the call that changed their lives in the fall of 2007.   A 19-year-old woman with an unplanned pregnancy called the birth mother hotline the day before she gave birth.  The adoption counselor planned to meet with the girl and her boyfriend the next day, but before they could meet, the girl went to the hospital to be induced due to high blood pressure.  The birth parents looked at profiles in the hospital and chose Angi and Hunter to parent the baby girl.  The birth parents wanted to wait until later to have a formal meeting, and they were not sure when they would be ready to do that.  But would Angi and Hunter be able to accept placement without meeting the birth parents?  The answer was YES!

After three weeks , the birth parents and adoptive parents finally met, and they immediately bonded. Initially all parties said that they didn’t want to stay in contact, but now they have a fully open adoption and have met  six times.  Addie is  four and loves to hear the story of how her parents had less than a week’s notice before taking her home!  Addie loves to hear the story about how she was in her birth mother’s tummy and that her birth parents chose Angie and Hunter to be her forever family.  When Addie sees her birth parents she always greets them with a big hug and kiss and immediately begins telling them about everything she has done since their last visit.  Angi and Hunter consider Addie’s birth parents as part of the family and are so thankful to have an open adoption.

Thanks to Angi, Hunter and Addie for allowing us to tell the story of their adoptive family.

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