Jack and Nora Want Another Sibling!

Nick and Kate met in college at a dance marathon to raise money for children with cancer.  Their bond formed immediately, and they ultimately married in 2003 in the church where Kate’s parents and grandparents were married.  Kate is an attorney; Nick works for a computer company; and they both love playing and spending time with their biological son, Jack, who is two, and their adopted daughter Nora, who is 12 months old.   The family loves to hike with their two dogs, carve pumpkins at their annual Halloween party, swim, play, and ride their bikes together.

What’s missing?  Another child to share in the fun!  Nick and Kate always wanted to expand their family through adoption.  They adopted Nora in Florida and loved doing it so much they can’t wait to do it again!  Nick and Kate look forward to sharing their love with a new son or daughter.   And Jack is looking forward to teaching Nora and a new brother or sister everything there is to know about how to play on the awesome swing set and tree-house fort in the back yard.  Click here to learn more about Nick, Kate, Jack and Nora and their quest to grow their family through adoption.

Thanks to Nick, Kate and their kids for allowing us to tell the story of their adoptive family.

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