My Adoption Finance Coach Radio Show – Saturday, June 16th

Families waiting to adopt face challenges. Among the biggest challenges are financing the adoption and finding a baby to adopt. Learn about how to meet these challenges in a one hour radio show on Saturday, June 16th – just in time for Father’s Day!

Your Adoption Coach Radio Show
Networking and Advertising Your Adoption
June 16, 2012

Voice America Radio
12:00 pm PST
2:00 pm CST
3:00 pm EST

Your Adoption Coach, is a weekly, one-hour radio show designed to inspire and educate families on adoption.  Each week the show features adoptive professionals, celebrities, authors, and feature an adoptive family’s story of adoption. The show dispels the myths of adoption, and provides resources for where to go to get the support and services needed to adopt or support adoption.

Tune in this week for Networking and Advertising Your Adoption with Hal Kaufman of My Adoption Advisor.

The landscape of domestic has changed dramatically with the availability of the internet and social media at our fingertips. My Adoption Advisor is a leading provider of on-demand adoption training courses and consulting services that help families seeking a domestic adoption to target their efforts on the strategies that really make a difference. We explore how you can make a difference in an effective adoption profile and website and how to best network and advertise your profile to birth families. Hal Kaufman is the CEO of My Adoption Advisor who started this company out of his own experience with adoption. Hal has worked with over 200 families to help them find the right match in the birth family and bring their family together forever. We hope you’ll tune into this great show!

Kelly Ellison is a fund raising professional with over twenty-five years of experience raising money for many causes from the arts to the environment. After returning home from China in 2007 with their daughter, she realized how few resources there were for helping adoptive families raise the money they needed to bring their family together.

In 2009, after personally coaching several families, Ms Ellison created a simple five-step system to help families reach their goals. Now making this system available through on-demand webinars, she has created the first comprehensive, interactive web site that assists families with grant writing, special events, and creating an adoption budget.

“Most of my families raise between $5,000 – 10,000 for their adoptions. But more than that they are connected to a community of other families who are experiencing the same things, said Ellison. Through group coaching, forums, and newsletters my families learn from each other, gain knowledge and support. You don’t have to go through this alone.”
Meet the coach, follow this link to watch the video: Meet the Coach

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