A Time for Gratitude!

Great things are happening here at A Child’s Hope.  Our new website is up and generating positive interest.  Our Facebook page is perking along and generating lots of likes.  Our blog is gaining followers.  And best news of all, one of our waiting families has been contacted by a potential birth mother through their website created by Hal Kaufman at My Adoption Advisor.  None of this would be possible without you all.  So:

Thank you Hal Kaufman and his team at My Adoption Advisor for creating our waiting parents’ websites, and for advising us on our new marketing plan!

Thank you Joanna Ivey at Our Chosen Child for creating our waiting parents’ profiles, you never disappoint!

Thank you Sarah Shehata and her team at SMC Pros for building our Facebook page and working with us on our advertising campaign!

Thank you Leigh Silverstein of TWTH Consulting for designing our new website and for working with us as we learn to maintain it ourselves!

Thank you to Jenny Halasz of JLH Marketing and her team of optimizers who generated the awesome list of keywords that is getting us found in searches!

Thank you to our adoption counselors for staying in touch with birth mothers and waiting families.  The adoption process is hard, but your presence and support makes it easier on everyone!

Thank you to our past placed families for letting us tell your stories on our blog and Facebook page.  Your stories provide such encouragement to our waiting families.  Our program works, and YOU ARE PROOF!

Thank you to our currently waiting families for your courage and bravery as we step out onto the World “WILD” Web to help you build the family you long for.

A Child’s Hope is a community with the goal of matching children with adoptive families.  Each one of you is a vital member of our community, and we thank you for your involvement!

Do you have a story you’d like to tell?  Email us at  Visit us at, or call our Birth Mother Hotline at 1-877-890-HOPE (4976) so one of our adoption counselors can answer your questions confidentially.

Please remember that this is a public site open to anyone; therefore, anything you post can be seen by anyone.

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