Financial Help is Available to Birth Mothers!

One of the questions we often hear at A Child’s Hope:  “Is financial assistance available for me while I’m pregnant?”

The law in most states allows adoptive families to provide reasonable support for a birth mother to help with expenses related to the pregnancy and delivery. Some birth mothers do not need assistance, while others find themselves in a situation where they cannot take care of themselves or the baby they are carrying without financial help.  Adoptive families can provide that help.

Help with expenses can come in many forms: Gift cards can be provided for grocery stores,  gas stations and stores that carry other supplies and clothing, such as Wal-mart and Target. Some bills, like utilities, can be paid directly to the provider. Birth mothers can also receive support in the form of medical care.  At A Child’s Hope, we help you determine if you qualify for Medicaid and help you find a clinic that is convenient.

Our adoption counselors will advise you about the types of expenses covered and help you set a budget so assistance can be given to you regularly, instead of waiting for a crisis. Our adoption counselors also educate you about resources that are available from other sources – resources that can continue after you deliver – so you can build a more secure future for yourself. And you’ll never need to feel uncomfortable about asking for help, because your adoption counselor will work with A Child’s Hope to communicate your needs to the adoptive parents.

A Child’s Hope is here to help!

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