Adoption Overload – Triplets!

In 2001, Ken and Melinda took a leap of faith and travelled to upstate New York for the birth of triplets.  The babies were carried by a beautiful 20-year-old woman of Italian descent who contacted A Child’s Hope because she had not been able to find an adoptive family for all three boys in one home. The healthy babies were born at 36 weeks and only had a brief hospital stay. The boys’ middle names were chosen to honor their uncles and grandfather.  Melinda, captain of her college swim team, now has her own “relay team”! The boys, who turned 11 in April, are happy, healthy, and thriving!

Thanks to Ken, Melinda and the boys for allowing us to tell the story of their adoptive family.

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  1. I am an identical twin and have always interested in multiple birth stories. This one is great. The Dionne quints were two sets if twin that split and oe of the splits split again.

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