It’s Strawberry Picking Time!

Its Strawberry Picking Time! Neva and Marco (soon to be four and five and a half) had a blast this month at a local Strawberry Picking farm!

Sam and Kendra were thrilled when a 40-year-old woman with an unplanned pregnancy chose them to parent her newborn son, whom they named Marco. Sam and Kendra sent a dozen yellow roses to the hospital for the birth mother. And then 20 months later, they travelled to Texas to adopt another newborn, whom they named Neva. Although Neva and Marco do not have a biological connection, they are in every other sense of the word, true brother and sister.

Thanks to Sam, Kendra, Neva and Marco for allowing us to tell the story of their adoptive family.

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  1. Those are my babies! To all the waiting parents: it will happen and when it does, you will know why you waited. Your baby is coming! To all the Birthparents: you are such special people and will always be loved and honored by the families you choose.

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